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Health Fatmata Sesay call to complain their medical officer attached to Gbinti Government Hospital for refusing to stay at the hospital quarters alocated to him, she said the medical officer decided to stay in Port Loko Town instead of the alocated quarters, he only visit the hospital once every week living the work to the nurses, she further maintained that the nurses are demanding monies from pregant women wanting to access the free health care Male North bombali safroko limba
Electricity Idrissa called, discussing the 3 miniature silent it’s a welcome initiative from the government paying respect to the victim of Ebola. He also said EDSA should overall the connection in the area ie Tengebh town as the current connection are giving problem and destroying there electrical appliances. Also SLRA should maintainace the road between Wilberforce and tengebh town as citizens are throwing dirty in the street because the road is unaccessible, they want SLRA to repair the road, asking OGI to help in these matter. Male West western urban central ii
Others A concern citizen Alhaji Mansaray is raising serious concern over the Government plan to remove fuel subsidy. He said even though it has not come to effect but fuel Companies have started raising fuel prices in the market . He is appealed to the Government to look into this issue. Male West western urban central i
Others One of the citizens who were affected by the virus Kadiatu Conteh commended the Government and the International partners for recognizing this day November 7th in Sierra Leone for remembering those who lose their lives, infected in other ways in the Country. Male West western urban west ii
Others A concern citizen Haja Mansaray woman called on Government t to enforce the laws that protect women and children violence. She added that the violence against women and children is on the increase. Female West western urban west ii
Electricity Alamamy calling from Grafton community asking government to help them with Electricity, pipe burn water, and speed humps on the highway. Female West western urban west iii
Others Concern citizens from Rutile call on OGI to help them advocate for construction of road at Rutile. He adding that they also vote in the APC party. So in regard to that they also have to consider them in terms of development. Female North kambia samu
Governance Mr Alie, call complaining about the new fuel prices and the transpotation, according to the Government they want our fuel price to that of Guniea, hence that the case, how come with the increment our transpotation cost is more expensive, in Guniea cab fee from one point to another is fc1000 that is le700, with the increase our transpotation cost is now le1300 while in Guniea traspotation is the same. The Government should look into it and make the necessary changes. Male West western urban west iii
Governance A Trader from Kabala call, pleading with OGI to help in the recommendation to Government to lift curfew in the District, he said the curfew had bad impact for living standard the people. They want the Government to lift it now. Male North bombali bombali sebora
Education A concern citizen call saying that teacher at Congress secondary school are asking pupil to pay le1000 everyday to them, and it composure to attend Saturday classes even though the Government have a stop to that because it causing more on the parents. Male West western urban east i
Others Mr. Joseph Massaquio residented at Sittia Chiefdom in Bonthe District said the district is one of the least developed Chiefdoms in Sierra Leone. He called on the the Government and development partners to construct a bridge to link the municipality with Sittia Chiefdoms. Male South bonthe bonthe island
Health A caller from Kabaya Village Kambia District worried over the high rate of river blindness in the village .Isatu Turay said they can not move away from the river scaresis because they are farmers and fishermen where they are getting their livelihood. They are therefore appealing to the Government and Partners Organization to take serious action to combat this disease. Male North kambia bramaia
Others A concern citizen has layed serious concern over the Government planed to remove fuel subsidy . Aiah Matisay said if Government go ahead with such plan it will cause extreme hardship for the people of Sierra Leone especially at a time when the economy is on bad stage. Male East kono soa
Security Mr. sahr kaingbaja a concern citizen reported the high increased in arm robbering in Koidu Town . He disclosed that one of the security personnel was also killed by a one of the robbers.He called on the government to treat the issue of security with seriousness. Male West western urban east ii
Health A concern citizen of Tonkolimba Chiefdom Kambia District, Mrs Fatmata Kamara has been diagnosed with brain tumor and other nasal infections. The concern caller Mary Conteh said Mrs Kamara is a teacher of the Wesleyan Primary School in Kamassassa Village is serious need assistance from Government and Partners to save her life. Male North kambia masungbala
Others One concern citizen has raised serious dismayed and frustration on the Government to remove fuel subsidy from petroleum Companies . Mr Abu Turay said the sales of fuel pump prizes from3,500 to 6000 per litre is un called for adding that if affects the ordinary poor man which cannot afford a one Dollar per - day to make survival. Male West western rural waterloo rural
Security A student FBC Sahr Gborie at reported that FBC administration has suspended the Student Union elections and asks all students to leave the campus which was scheduled to take place 21st October, 2016. He said the suspension of the elections has an adverse effect on the students and academic calendar. Male West western rural mountain rural
Others More people and organizations have intensifying the Campaign to end female Circumcision in Sierra Leone. They said the campaign of FGM is gaining momentum as fighting FGM has taken a new direction throught the intervention of religious leaders who are now reported to be preaching against this practice in thier sermons. Male West western urban west ii
Security A Youth in kissy town Community Mr. Nathaniel Tengbeh reported earlier Friday at around 3AM-4:30 Am arrested a man allegedly attempting to break and enter into a house along George Street in kissy town community Kenema . He said the alleged thief was in possession of harmful equipment including scissor, knife, and cutlass. He said the thief was handed over to the Sierra Leone Police. He said the community is vigilant to arrest any thief in the community Male West western rural rural west
Health The Chief Medical Officer Ministry of Health and Sanitation Dr Brima Kargbo has reiterated his commitment to improve its human resource capacity towards building a resilent health system across the Country . Lamin Conteh said this move by the ministry would improve the lives of citizen across the Country. Male West western urban east ii
Electricity Mr. Algassium Sesay call to complained EDSA for not treating them fairly in the distribution of light in Grassfield Kissy New Road, he said they have gone without light for five days and most of their food stock in friege get rotten due to lack of electricity supply, adding that at times they only give ligh for just few hours. calling on OGI and government to address this issue. Male West western rural rural east
Others Mr Robert, from York call saying that the driver from Waterloo to York are asking them to pay le6000 and that they are not dropping them inside the town, rather they are living them in the street, and also continue their journey to Tokeh,drop those passengers inside the village. He said they are paying the same money but they are not dropping them inside, they want the police and the Government to involve by ensuring the driver complete the journey. Male West western rural york rural
Others Madam Hajja, call asking us to urged Massada to clean the dust bin along the Kissy Road, Fourahbay Road, Cline town as they are full to capacity and need to be cleared but they are not doing their job and its causing all sort of problem in their community.. Female West western urban east ii
Others Mr Bah, A driver from Sierra Leone to Guinea said the government should have put the fuel prices to le8000 instaed of le6000, so smuggling will stop between the two country. Male West western urban west i
Education jawaneh sesay from kenema called again today concern a phone that he bought from a shop name Damus and use it for less than a week its stopped working, he tried everything but the owner will not accept it again, he want our help either they give him another phone or give him his money back. Male West western rural rural west