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Issue Message Gender Region District Chiefdom
Health mr. Ishmail, he called complianing the free health care drug such as MB tube, texerlestrain are short in the cottage hospital. He also said the hospital staff are not informing patience that scanning is free instead the are charging them to pay for its. Male West western urban central i
Others The caller said he always listening to OGI hours both on SLBC TV and radio programs and also other radio programs according to him, government should ask the shipping company to compensate the ministry of health and sanitation for such damage to the Health sector and the country as a whole. Male West western urban west ii
Others The caller said as a student he really appreciate the OGI for helping them to use the office as resource center, which According to him is one of the greatest help that one can give to people like him. he commends OGI for making their studies easier than before. Male North port loko maforki
Education A pupils from Christ the King College thanked Old boys association for donating a brand new brass band.Mohamed Bangali said the gesture is a good initiative for the School aimed at developing the Schools infrastructure in the next twelve months Male South bo kakua
Governance Citizens have raised serious concern over the increased in prices of commodities, which is seriously affecting their living standards . Mr. Samuel John said a bag of rice has sky -rocked despite Government efforts to put the control the economy. Male West western rural waterloo rural
Health Mr.Alusine Sesay a residents of Sanda Magbolonthor in Portloko District, said are the people are suffering from high rate of river blindness as a result of neglect by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to cube the flow of black flies in that part of the country. He said many people have become blind as result of the diseases. He added the black files flood particular Sanda Magbolonthor Chiefdom during the raining season. Male North port loko sanda magbolonton
Others Mr victor, call saying government should have not increase fuel price with immadiate effect rather they should have informed the public and put everything in place including the transportation cost, now they have increased the pump price people are suffering due to sudden increase Male West western urban central ii
Others Mr. John Kamara raised a concern to OGI over the lack of Community Bank at Grafton that is affecting the people. Male West western rural waterloo rural
Electricity Mr Dekar called to inform the call centre that one of the EDSA cable that supplies light along the Lumley regent road has fell to the ground ,and he asking us to call the authority involve to address the issue immediately before any cassuality. Male West western urban west iii
Security A concern citizen informed the OGI 644 that child Labour has increased which has led to thousands of Children drop out of School. Mary Conteh in Freetown said parents are in the habit of moving from the Capital City to the Province to look for Children to work as house boy or Traders rather than sending them to School. She called on the Government and Partner Organizations to look into this issues properly. Male West western urban west ii
Governance Citizens have raised serious concern over the Government to remove fuel subsidy. Alieu Bangura said the removal of fuel subsidy would create more hardship on the masses and appealed to the Government to look into this issues. Male West western urban urban west
Corruption A concern citizen call appealing to the trade minister should stop Alhaji Pinto smuggling food item such as palmcannel, Gari, kola, etc, to Guniea. The ministry should arrest him since they know him instead of fining him le1500000,when he is taking more than that to transport smuggled good to and from Guniea. The government should tackle him like they did with with the fuel smugglers no matter the consequence Male North kambia samu
Health A concern Citizen called OGI 644 line that it is a welcome news as Sierra Leone goes six years zero polio virus in the Country . Abdulai Jalloh called on the Government for continued efforts to make the Country polio free. Male West western urban east ii
Corruption A concern citizen called appealing to the minister of Agriculture to help them for next farm season, currently he is gathering farmers in Bombali asking each and everyone to give 3 cup rice to save for next years, they currently have 3 heckter of land to farm in. they will need help from the ministry for equipment to farm when the times come Male North bombali makari gbanti
Health Isatu Lebbie said the free health care drugs meant for pregnant women , lactating mothers and Children under five years are not easy to access. Isatu Lebbie at Easten Street Freetown said the medical offcer are still demanded money from those patient . She appealed to the Government to monitor the used of the free health care drugs. Female West western urban east i
Sanitation Mr. Alvin Johnson at Congo town call on the freetown city council to ensure that the garbage Truck at congo Town Junctions, adding the garbage has beeen full and it beed full and it afficting the environment. And even vehicles playing the road Male West western urban west ii
Electricity A concern citizen called complaining about the electricity supply from EDSA, saying since the heavy rain fall from Friday up till now EDSA have not fix the pole and wire yet. They are appealing to OGI to help fix it. Male West western urban west iii
Others Alpha Bah from Regent Road Lumley said the prices of commodities are increasing every day due to the increase of dollars against the leones. He asked Government to stabilize the ecomony of the country. He said government should bringe the Dollars to three thousand leones (Le 300). Male West western urban west ii
Education A student at SDA Secondary school kissy mess mess, call complaining their teacher, how they are selling scratch card at le40000 when WAEC are selling it at le20000. Its compulsory to buy or when they take exam they will be given the result by the school. Male West western urban east ii
Others Mr. Alhaji Sesay from Lungi raised concern that the Ferry is not presenting operating From Lungi to Freetown, adding that the situation is affecting everybody that is plying the road. He cried to Government to help solve the problem. Male North port loko kaffu bullom
Electricity Santigle Mansaray from Calabatown complained that there is no electricity at Bangura Street over the past weeks since they brought the credit. He added said that Bangura Street is one the biggest Streets in that area. Male West western urban east iii
Health A caller, called asking for us to appeal to marie stopes to have pressence in kailahun because there is lot of teenage pregnancy in that area of the country. Male West western rural waterloo rural
Others   Mariama Bangura raised a concern about the Rogbrie Bridge alongside Masiaka road, she said the Bridge is about is collapsing. She adding that it is the responsibility of the government to rehabilitate Bridge, noting that government has not taken any serious action to rehabilitate the road. Female North port loko koya
Others A concern citizen called advising government to put a stop to the increase in the prices of commodities, and also the ministry of trade should form a task force checking on trader and ensuring every trader should sell to the Government price, instead ofthe Dollar excuse trader are giving. Male West western urban central i
Others Abdulai Kamara is calling on the Government to help them rehabilitate their roads within Moyamba district that lead to the Senge Health centre,adng that the roads are deplorable condition. Male South moyamba fakunya