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Issue Message Gender Region District Chiefdom
Security Mr. AKA commented on the use of Mobile phone by both private and commercial drives while they are driving. He noted that most of the accidents are been caused at the time when drivers driving Male West western urban west ii
Health A concern citizen reported that women backwardness and poverty is attributed to female genital mutilation in the country. The caller from Magburaka in the Tonkolili District said they have attributed women's remoteness and abject poverty in the two District to female Genital mutilation (FGM) or cutting should be stop. She said the Education of the girl child is the best way of transforming the mid set of people rather than FGM. Female North tonkolili gbonkolenken
Others A concern disable man imformed the 644 line that he was rented when a commuter proposed to pay five thousand leones to be taken to lumley western of Freetown. He said he is blaming some people in the country for encouraging drivers or transport conductors for inflating transport fares at the detriment of the poor. Male West western urban west i
Corruption Residents of Gbendembu chiefdom in the Bombali District have expressed determination to support the anti corruption commission in the fight against corruption in the District. He said corruption is one of the main issues affecting the community at the gbendebu court barray. Male North bombali gbendembu gowahun
Corruption Mr Amadu called concerning youth in his area protesting, about recently acquired water pumping machines, which have been sold by the Elders in the town. The youth are not happy about it and have taken matter into their own hand, by going to the police station in the area to protest and made their feeling known, other have revolted to violence by attacking a compound using cutlass and harmful material. Male South bo bagwe
Education sadiou sesay call again concerning the school issue in kambia, they are still appealing for the help of OGI. Male North kambia samu
Governance He talked about the money government promised to give to medical practitioner, who died during the deadly Ebola virus. He said families who lost family member are in desperate need of that money. Families are suffering because there bread winners are dead in services to the country and the promised that money during the Virus and up till now they have not started making payment yet. He pleads with OGI to advocate on behalf of them for government to make that payment. Female West western urban west ii
Education saidou called later telling us they were in a meeting concerning the school issue that he have been calling for Male North kambia samu
Security Mr. Mohamed Lahai at lumley community told the OGI call toll free line that the police have arrested a young man who they alleged he is responsible for 7 years old girl child who was brutally murdered the girl last week and cutted her feet, hands,breast and private part all were chopped off. He said he was arrested while trying to murder another young child last Tuesday today. Male West western urban west iii
Others Mr Ali said the government should put stop to prostitution along the Wilkinson Road by Rokel commercial Bank via Murray town junction. He has taken this matter to the police, but nothing have been done about it, He said every night this girls keep roaming about stopping people get their attention on their business which have cause so much discomfort within the Godrich Community and its environs and now he want the OGI to help with this matter by taken the matter to the government and police to put a stop to it, by contacting the house owner for him to stop whoever is in charge of his house not to PIMP on it. Male West western urban west iii
Security Mr. Moses Moseray a resident at Thunder Hill appreciated the Police at the Eastern Division for arresting 36 drivers and charging them to Court for failing to take the passengers to their right destinations. Male West western urban east ii
Security A concern caller call in connection to situation in the community, crowd gathered at the police station over a young man who they say he is the one responsible for a 7 yr old girl child who was brutally murdered last week and abandoned with no feet, hands, breast and private part was chopped off. the man was captured live after he was trying to murder another young girl child today. he said the culprit is presently at the lumley police station for further investigation. this is a warning to each parent to take good care of the your children. Male West western urban west iii
Others Bangalie report that a man was arrested at the customs with the sum of Le 250 million on his way to the republic of Guinea and was handed over to the police men the caller said that the man use to change money the traders at the boarder and the man is a peaceful citizen and innocent of the crime suspected. Male North kambia magbema
Security A caller from Kono call to explained that a group of arm rubbers evaded the pee cee & son company situated at the main kainkordu road Koidu. he said They attacked the OSD guard and brutally chop his head and take away his gun at 3Am as am Talking now the victim is now taken to the king hospital undergoing emergency treatment and he is calling on the Sierra Leone Police and government to increase the policing across the country. Male East kono tankoro
Electricity The caller reports on having deprived from light facility for a long time now. They asking the 644 on Open Government Initiative to look into this matter. Male West western urban west i
Education Mr. Mohamed Bangura call from kambia district Robdrika village complained about the poor educational system in the village and the district at large, adding there is no school in the village and nearby villages . Male North kambia bramaia
Corruption Mr Mohamed report s that five of them were working for the C.I.D.O during the time of Ebola this organization refuse to pay them their 4 month salary.they have forward the matter to the ministry of labour and the man who deals with the matter Mr conteh(077863212) want them to give him some money but they can't afford the amount he refused to help them with the case . Male West western urban west ii
Electricity The caller reports that whenever they gave light at their area there is fire all over the cables this has been happening till now. Male West western urban central i
Security Professor Sesay lecturing at IAMTECH said earlier Friday morning from 9:30AM to 5Am an invited guests primed his sliding window and expertly fished out his mobile phones, Mi Fi wirekess modem and hand bag with some documents and handful of cash, he thanked God for His protection. Male West western urban east i
Electricity The caller reports that they has change his prepaid meter three times now but still the meters are not work till now he is asking the 644 help him on this issue. Male West western urban central i
Corruption Mr sadiou, a driver along the waterloo axis, said the traffic police are disturbing them by stoping and arresting them unnecessarily, and asking for le50,000 in bribery if they don’t comply the will be detained and will not be allowed to work. They want the government to help stop this from the police Male West western rural waterloo rural
Others Fatmata Kamara complained on the raise and increase on food commodities price especially rice which has suddenly increase from Le 150,000 to Le 250,000 which is a cause for concerns on the average living condition of the poor man Female West western urban east ii
Governance Abdulai Bundu- he call concerning their road which has turn to death trap especially the motorist plying through the road, he said the government and the local government has neglected their road which is vaible for goods and services to the country, he also noted that their member of parliament hardly visit to the chiefdom to know their status Male North port loko maforki
Others Mohamed Chernor - call concerning the number of road accident which are on the increase since the starting of the rain seasons and that the road traffic authority has failed to monitor and arrest the high level of drivers drunk, he further that over fifty vichcles has so far involved in road accident and the number of death rate is increasing from 10% to 15%, calling on the Open Government Initiative and the government to address the issue before it goes out of hands Male North bombali sanda tenraran
Others Mr.Decker, the Road contractor are not doing their job of making the Regent road Lumley root and the rain have course more demange to it and okada are coursing accident plying it currently. They wantthe government to do some thing about it. Male West western urban west ii