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Corruption The Caller allegedly report that a government land which has been given at Jui- community to build a school for the community, the headman of Jui –community has started to sale part of the land using the name of the government to the community to sale the land. - The caller said the Minister of land has visited the areas but no effort has been made so far in that direction and therefore appealing to OGI to look into this issue. Male West western urban east i
Security A concern Sierra Leonean call in connection with the youth of kaningo that they have arrested the killer of a 11 year old girl that was found with several part missing. The name of the killer is Tubeless, he presently at lumley police station helping the police with investigation. The caller advice that OGI should inform the police and the government should not encourage mob justice Male West western urban west iii
Others Resident in makama town said the hospital road is in deplorable condition.He said the main road linking the northern region referral hospital located at makama in makeni city is nothing to write home about from lists of potholes to pompy way since the hospital was officially open Male North bombali bombali sebora
Others A concern women farmers from across the country gathered at the kinghammar road in freetown for their national convention which geared towards bringing women's groups together to demand access to land for the use of agriculture activities . Foday sesay said there is still laws that discriminate against women and they continue to demand rights for women. Female West western urban west iii
Others Concern citizens from Kailahun District has expressed frustration on the hike of crops due to bad road linking to Kailahun town from pendembu has become muddy and unusable with the rains and therefore transport fare has doubled and crops rot as few vehicles now ply the route. Male East kailahun mandu
Electricity A concern citizen call reporting an incident, that an electric pole is always sparking along the Patton street fourah-bay Road by PCMH. They want the help of EDSA to change the wire and put a stop to it once and for all. Male West western urban east i
Health Mr. Mohamed Koroma Coordinator for the Physically Challenge Person explained that their under-five children have been denial medical treatment from Government Hospital and the PHUs in the district. He alleged that the medical officers asked them to give money. He said they are disabled, noting that they don’t have money and appealed to government for their intervention. Female East kailahun dia
Health A concern citizen report that pregnant women are not treated well at PCHM hospital with no medical attention is given to them. Female West western urban east iii
Others Mr crowther, said bravo to the president and the OGI director, Madam Khadija. He also commends the president for good job done in Makeni city. He also thanks Mr Lalah, who is their leader in Makeni, he said Mr Laleh talks and mix with them very well. He suggested these following: There are lacks of jobs in the city; the government should find solution for that. Company who are in the city bring a lot of expert, who don’t work and pay them a lot, while the Sierra Leone-an who works, is not paid the same amount. He then appealed there should be cut down of those experts and employ Sierra Leone an who are qualified to do those job. Male North bombali makari gbanti
Telecommunication Gilliana called complaining airtel mobile company, in Kenema that he bought a phone from them, the phone is not working. He had tried returning it but they refusing to accept it from him, he called complaining on that. Male East kenema dodo
Others concern citizen have complained about some drivers are in the habbit of driving half way . He said Most of the drivers are not going to their rightful destination. He sugested that ticket has to be given to them by any stations before loading there vihecles and aslo police officers should ensure that the drivers abide by the instrcution on the ticket to reach to there destination and if any drivers fails to abide by the rules should be punished. Male North kambia mambolo
Security Citizen have raised serious concern due to the mysterious exhumed of dead bodies at the circular road ,macauley street cemetery.About 35 graves were dig up and body part were missing. Family at that grave site were worry of such mysterious things and they are calling on the Freetown city council to investigate these issues. Male West western urban central i
Health A concern citizen at fourah bay road report that the Nurses at the PCMH hospital has benefited from 40 Anesthetic machine provided by Government to improve on the Free health care system. They assured the Government that the machines would be used for it intended purpose to boost the free health care Female West western urban east i
Sanitation someone called concerning the rains that due to lack of drainage water are disturbing them seriously, they want help from the government. Male West western urban west ii
Others A concern citizen has commended the acting regional traffic officer at the Eastern Police Division, for launching an Operation take passengers to their destination. They said the launching would stopped the drivers from driving half -way from their destination. Male West western urban east i
Sanitation someone called concerning the rains that due to lack of drainage water are disturbing them seriously, they want help from the government. Male West western urban west ii
Health Bangallie call and raise concerns that drugs distributor, driving a truck AKL 379 Toyota, Landmarks was the one handling the distribution for long. Since the DHL took over the distribution the supplies have not been effective, the driver went to Tonko Limba and supplied, he returned after he had call the others informing them that he will be coming to supplied them with the drugs, but he never showed up to supply the remaining villages. They called the Deputy Medical officer (DMO) John Kakay and he told them that the vehicle is in Bombali, but the people in the other villages are suffering, because there are no drugs Male North kambia mambolo
Corruption Citizens have commended the Sierra Leone Police force and other Anti Smuggling units for arresting 315 with five gallons of petrol and three tankers loaded with fuel in Kambia district .They said also 52 containers of the consignment were also arrested in Kabala town in the koinadugu District. Male North kambia bramaia
Others He was listening to radio program from AY Radio last Friday, on the discussion of early marriage. He think early marriage should not been be banned in the country, because girls as young as seventeen (17) are prostituting themselves, he think if a responsible men want to ask for their hand in marriage they should be allowed to be married and the men should not prosecuted, that would be better than them been prostitute. He wants the government to look into this. Female South bo gbo
Others I am in mile 91, Tonkolili District, northern part of sierra Leone to see the disabled woman whose video cause a stir both in and out of sierra Leone. Zainab Kamara is Paralyzed waist-down she has four biogical children, two distant nephews and a niece. even by the standard by the acute poverty in this part of the world, the condition under which she lives is mid blowing. she and her children who are aged between 5 and 15 years are crammend in one room. the father of the three eldest children has died while her second husband is sick as in the far east of the country trying traditional healing. the other room in their mud house has virtually caved in uninhabitable also in this photo as Alpha kargbo the journalist who brought her plight to the lime light. to all of you who contact me to serve as a conduit of your assistance to reach zainab and her children, Alpha and i will soon let you know what we have come up with. God bless you. Male North tonkolili yoni
Health This is an incident that took place at kissy where a woman pour a hot burning on the hands of her daughter. Female West western urban east i
Others The caller thanked the OGI for the allowing them to make use of the OGI Resource Center to study and use the internet but also asking for additional time so that they have more access to the Center. Male North bombali sella limba
Security A girl body found in a bag this morning at nic kaningo area Lumley the parent yet to be identified. Male West western urban west iii
Others "I am sick and I have no money to go to the hospital I am kindle asked your office OGI/OGP to support me for the treatment” Male North port loko dibia
Security He was Murdered yesterday at Waterloo a popular business man known as white boy at Waterloo kono park was killed yesterday night by unknown guys on this way to his house after doing his business. He was murdered at Samuel town just after benjumabarack where Waterloo is heading to Male West western rural koya rural