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Issue Message Gender Region District Chiefdom
Governance Pa Osman Bah call to support the government to make the OGI as institution more effective in addressing good governance issues, asked the OGI make more programmes to sensitizer the people on government activities Male East kono nimikoro
Others Alusine Samura said the heavy rain fall on the 18th of September, 2016 killed four people at IMMAT Community, Hill station and therefore calling on government to implement proper drainage system in the city, which will help to reduce such disaster in the future Male West western urban west ii
Electricity Mr. Ibrahim Bangura said he bought topup from EDSA the sum of Le. 100,000 but the top up ended before the usual time. He said he only used the top up for two weeks but usually he use the top up over two months. I want OGI to investigate the cheating Male West western urban west iii
Others An eye witnessed Lamin Kamara lived at Regent Road in Freetown reported fire incident at 6:30 am. When a fire went out of control in a wooden house. It destroyed materials worth millions of Leones and four people reported dead .According to Mr. Kamara he said an old woman was trying to set a cooking stove to prepare breakfast when the stove went ablaze and cannot control it which eventually causes the fire accident. Male West western urban west i
Governance A concern citizen from Wilberforce is appealed for a review of the 15% tax levied on energy supply. She said it not reflected in any recent tax holiday or pay rise. She said Sierra Leone is still one of the least developed countries in the world and such action implemented by Government is seriously affecting the least paid people in Sierra Leone. Female West western urban west i
Others Mohamed Kanu report that he was coming from Wharf Road towards Rokupa when he saw a riot taken place at the mission area on 28th September, 2016, fighting for land issue which resulted to closed of business and mothers taking their children out of schools around Rokupa area therefore calling the 644 free toll line to help resolved this matter immediately as the area is right now under siege. Male West western urban west i
Security A concern citizen Alie Mansaray reported that the riot in Rokupa is getting out of control as the youths are fighting against the police for demolition of their houses. The owner of this houses are resisting as they say the place belongs to them and claim to have legal document from the ministry of lands and country planing.The man who brought the police to demolish this houses, claimed that the land belongs to him and he said he have legal documents from the same Ministry of lands and Country Planning. Male West western urban east iii
Others A caller from Bo District, Blama complained bad stage of the railway bridge since colonial days. He said this dilapidated bridge has now become death trap for residents of blama catholic Boys Primary school and Saint Joseph Secondary School. Mohamed is appealing to the authority to try and fix this problem in this Chiefdom Male South bo gbo
Electricity A concern citizen Alusine B Sesay complained a burning issue relating to EDSA, he explained that he bought Le500, 000 top up for the supply of electricity at his resident, He said he received Le316, 000 only instead of Le420, 000. Also Hassan Jalloh expressed grievianceses over cheats in metre top ups they are calling on the authorities to look into this issue immediately if not it would destroy the good image of government. Male West western urban central i
Others Mrs. Hannah Koroma in Makani city raised concern over the issue of War Wounded in action, adding that her husband is one of the victims. She said that her husband and his colleagues have lobbied stakeholders including Government, but up to date their issues have not yet been address. She call on Government to address the issues. Male North bombali makari gbanti
Others Charles Lahai in Kenema raised concern over issue of dilapidating roads within in the township and its environs, He appealed to government to address the issue, noting that the government has face lifted the other cities in the country but Kenema has been left out of the development. Male East kenema nomo
Health Mr. Alie Turay a registrar working at the Connaught Hospital Teaching Mortuary complain to OGP \OGI. That the difficulties he is facing at the Teaching Mortuary. He explained some of these difficulties including humiliation, retirement refusal by the hospital management, Connivance against reformation, conspiracy against registrar, embezzlement of embalming fees, monopoly at work, wrong choice of volunteers, failure to adhere to hospital management, and non compliance to duty rooster. Male East kenema kandu legbewama
Electricity Mohamed, a concern citizen said the new EDSA tariff should not be enforce considering the current economic situation. He appealed that OGI to lobby on behalf the citizens to look into their plight as its affecting their livelihood. Male West western urban west i
Security An eye witnessed at the Kambia border report to the OGI 644 LINE that, police and with the help of community people have captured the free Health care drugs in Gbalamuya border, a few kilometers to Guinea, the caller noted that this is how the free health care drugs is being misused by some people in the health sectors, and yet still the government is referring the Theft of free health care drugs to innocent people is calling on the authority to put mechanism in place to monitor the use of the Free health care drugs in the country.088 Male North kambia mambolo
Governance Francis Conteh complain on the for seen political tension, as looking at the number of people aspiring for position to lead the country, he said such issue most be consider as urgent issues Male North bombali safroko limba
Water OGI please help us for the pass one year we don't have water Female West western urban east i
Others Mr.Decker, the Road contractor are not doing their job of making the Regent road Lumley root and the rain have course more demange to it and okada are coursing accident plying it currently. They wantthe government to do some thing about it. Male West western urban west ii
Water Mr. Alusine Sesay call on OGL call center to alert the general public about four men visiting homes claiming they are from GUMA Valley Water Company Water company to install shower caps to save water. Or they will claim they are form electricity company to change energy -saving electric bulbs for free as part of government program. He noted that they have been spotted robbing people at gun point. Male West western urban west i
Security Rogbaria Bridge is collapsing and no one is becoming scary and worrisome where is the press? Where is the Government? Or waiting to loose other innocent lives all because of neglect etc please take a look and share. Male West western rural rural east
Health According to report from the above, informed the OGI call Center that children under five are not getting the Free medical treatment it alleged that suckling mothers pay for drugs before their children are been treated and also it reported by this caller that sick children are not giving the attention they deserve nurses pay less attention to them at the Macaulay street hospital off Mountain cut.The caller says since Government declared the free Health care for children fewer than five and lactating mother this has been not been giving much attention by some hospitals. -The callers said he is a living witness that suckling mother gave the sum of Le 50,000 to the nurse for medical drugs before they receive treatment for their children adding is calling on the government to take quick response in that direction. Female West western urban central i
Governance A concern citizen in BO Districts complained that police officers are restricting their movement and been harassed by the same police officers in the night hours.They are asking whether there is still curfew that will restricts the movement of people. Male South bo kakua
Health Okada riders are using PPE’s, which is bringing back memory of the dreadful Ebola virus, which is not fair to the people who lost family member during the outbreak. He has sent message to the president to instruct the minister of Health and Sanitation to come out with a press release in condemning and laid down measure for the misused of the PPE’s, the selling of PPE’s by government official should be put in to stop Such misused to the PPE’s will bring back the memories on the outbreak of the Ebola Male South bo badja
Water Bonth District is in dire need of water shortage according to a concern resident said access to safe and pure drinking water is lacking in the Districts and he is calling on the state authorities and International community to provide financial resources to provide a better water facility in the district. Female South bonthe bendu cha
Education According to the caller complains that there is increase of Teenage pregnancy with the township of Makeni especially school going girls and they are being impregnate by older folks caller said as seriously affected the education of girls in the district. -Also complain that pregnant women are not getting access to the free medical care they supposed to get from the government hospital and this is an alarming situation and therefore call on the authority to look into these issues as quickly as possible if not the situation would be worsen every day. -The caller commended the OGI 644 staff for their good work in ensuring they bring the people closer to government and the government closer to the people through it governance programs across the country. Female North bombali makari gbanti
Telecommunication Indegenes of the kruborla and yiffin communities in the koinadugu District reported to have showered praises on the National Tele communications for providing mobile phone conversation through Airtel mobile network to connect his people to the rest of the country and beyond Male North koinadugu dembelia sinkunia