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Issue Message Gender Region District Chiefdom
Water the caller reported that they don't have taps in their area. Female West western rural mountain rural
Water concern citizen calling from coba farm , jui community said that their environment lacks water and also their is no electricity supply. complains have been to the appropriate authority but no respond has been made. Male West western rural waterloo rural
Governance a concerned trader from fourahbay road reported that they are being harassed by city council officers.he is calling on the government to help them. Female West western urban west iii
Electricity concern citizen calling from moyeaba community, east-end of the capital city freetown, said that their transformer is not working and they have been without electricity supply for more than a month. also, he also complain about the shortage of pipe borne water supply. Male West western urban east iii
Telecommunication caller reporting about africell mobile network not reacting on a problem they had with a fraudster. Male West western rural york rural
Sanitation she reported that they do have insufficient supply of water and some of their conduit pipes are damaged. she also made a complain that their community is filthy, she went on and said that the presence of "masada" is not felt. their are community bins. Male West western urban central ii
Water the caller reported about poor job facilities in his chiefdom. he also talk about no light facilities over a year now. he also talked about poor water supply, they usually have water once in a while he finally talked about poor sanitation in their district. Male North kambia magbema
Electricity she said that the last day they received electricity supply in their community was on monday 30th january, 2017. Female West western urban urban east
Health A concern citizen of Tonkolimba Chiefdom Kambia District, Mrs Fatmata Kamara has been diagnosed with brain tumor and other nasal infections. The concern caller Mary Conteh said Mrs Kamara is a teacher of the weslyan Primary School in Kamassassa Village is serious need assistance from Government and Partners to save her life. Female North kambia tonko limba
Health A caller from Kambia District worried over the high rate of river blindness in the village .Isatu Turay said they can not move away from the river scaresis because they are farmers and fishermen where they are getting their livelihood. They are therefore appealing to the Governmernt and Partners Organization to take serious action to combat this disease. Female North kambia tonko limba
Others A concern citizen at Grafton Samuel Johnson said the Grafton is in dear need of Filling station, hotel, and speed bumps. He disclosed tourists are finding it very difficult to secure guest house. Male West western urban west ii
Electricity someone call the 644 line and report that it have been three month with out light Male West western urban east i
Governance Mohamed Bangura from New England complaining the ministry of Labour and social security neglecting the poor performance for failing to protect the rights of workers who continue to suffer in the hands of employers as a result of neglect, selfishness and poor monitoring by the ministry and is calling on the OGI to look into those issues very seriously. Male West western urban east i
Health Alusine Sesay a concern citizen is appealing to the Ministry of health and sanitation to put more preminium on scaling up nutrition as it is one of the crucial drivers of economic growth underlining that a healthy productive life requires good nutrition and encouraged all to come on board the fight to end malnutrition. Male West western urban west i
Health A concern citizen is appealing to put more effort to ban the used of harmful drugs effort in the country which has lost some many lives and lost of sense of young youths across the country .He said government should monitor and stopped the importation of harmful drugs into the country. Male West western urban west ii
Governance Ibrahim bah from port loko is appealing to the Sierra Leone road authority on the increase of road accident in the Freetown high way which causes so many death is admonishing the authority to put more traffic signs to lessen the high rate of accident incidences which has been a concern. Male North port loko koya
Governance A concern citizen raised serious concern complain the misused of some government vehicle by some government officials which is not good for the purpose of they are meant for. His calling on the authority to monitor the used of government vehicles especially off working hours. Female West western rural waterloo rural
Governance A caller Isatu Mansaray commended the PPRC office for admonished political parties and their supporters to put their houses in order before the 2018 General elections. she said such admonition by the office of the PPRC is timely and important in addressing political violence in sierra Leone. Female South bo bagwe
Security A caller from kenema district condemn the recent female genetal initiation which was done forceful of a 28year old girl was locked in a house without food or treatment for four days after the forceful initiation and which was later rescored by the police. The caller is appealing to the social welfare ministry to look into the issue. Female East kenema nyawa
Electricity A caller from port loko district called on the government to monitor the solar street light within the port loko township and it environs. He complaints that most of the solar street light have been removed by thieves and has seriously affected the development processes and his appealing to OGI to look into this matter. Female North port loko loko masama
Health A concern caller saidu Turay, a disables frauds on the government since the establishment of the national commission for persons with disability to seek the welfare of disables, but nothing has been done in that direction adding that disables are not getting what they deserved as stated in the disability acts of 2011 Male South pujehun mano sakrim
Others called complain that a man is trying to grab their family land at upgun,they want the help of OGI and the government in this matter. Male West western urban west i
Electricity Mohamed Jalloh calling from Portee william Street, complain EDSA on the increasing in price of top up that there has been great increase on the units, serivce cahrge from Le 10500 to 13500, this increase without the knowledge of the consumers, no sensitization of any forms Male West western urban east ii
Corruption Mrs kamara, a Rokel resident called concerning the road construction company that the council gave the contract to, they are using sub-standard material to do the road and evidence of this is the calbort they have made, which the rains these past fews days have damaged, vechile are no longer accesing these road. they want OGI to ask the Goverment and Anti-corruption commission to investigate the council and road construction company. Male West western urban urban east
Health Khadija Jalloh complained on the lack of medical attendence in the Dibia Chiefdom(Gbinti Hospital) She said the current state of the hospital is nothing to write home about and the facilities are lacking, calling the OGI and government to investigate the medical officer attach to the hospital and to help in the smoth running of the hospital Female South moyamba kori