In all of these major goals below that are applicable to strategy over 2014 - 2015 OGI plans to disseminate information and encourage the people to provide their thoughts and feedback on how government is meeting their plans, or not, as is necessary. This will be done yet again in the spi rit of the tenets of an open government that promotes transparency, accountability, participation and collaboration.

Major Goal Six - OGI will liaise with International and Local organizations that focus on the promotion of good governance.

The overriding objective of OGI is to promote the principles of democracy i . e . Good governance, Human Rights, Citizens engagement etc. OGI will therefore collaborate with agencies that advocate for the promotion of transparency, accountability and citizens engagement which are considered to be ingredients of good governance .

The Open Government Initiative (OGI) will also work and collaborate with the Performance M anagement and Service Delivery Unit under the Office of the Chief of Staff was formally set up in 2013 to track and report on the performance of each MDA over a twelve month period and the results tabulated and assessed , but not necessarily made public . OGI believes it can play a role to make such available to the public thereby meeting our commitment to the Right to Access Information on one hand and holding our MDAs publicly accountable to the people on the other.

Major Goal Seven - OGI should provide coverage and report on the government’s efforts towards qualifications for international accolades for good governance in organizations and/or indices such as the MCC, EITI, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, United Nation’s Human Development Index, Transparency International, etc.

Staying true to the national vision of improving the image of Sierra Leone across the globe, it becomes imperative that we are seen as a productive, progressive and corrupt - free country. This requires managing the efforts of the nation in various segments that n urture good governance. OGI should monitor and report back to government and the people of Sierra Leone with regard to any efforts geared towards meeting indicators and whatever shortcomings and/or challenges being faced by the Government of Sierra Leone. Holding those responsible for the necessary improvements in the expressed areas being measured via indicators in these key national initiatives is the overall strategy of the OGI.

Major Goal Eight - OGI will continue with the Citizens feedback survey Citizens Report Card to provide opportunity for citizens to evaluate government activities.

In her efforts to b ring elected and appointed officials to account to the population for actions taken on their behalf , OGI organizes citizens feedback survey to provide an opportunity for people to scrutinize the activities of government and see whether their aspirations and needs are met.

F acilitate and coordinate a weekly all inclusive open dialogue between government and the nation through television and radio network (specific radio and TV programs available) .

Improving citizen’s knowledge about the institutional features of the different branches of government and connect them to those institutions.

Open up civic education channe ls of communication through which the public can connect with the three arms of government at national and local levels.

Encourage responsible and informed political participation through discussions, debates and other forms of dialogue .

Provide awards t o individuals and institutions for good governance work in the country on an annual basis and at the same event, communicate rankings by the people through surveys and scorecards as is deemed suitable.