In all of these major goals below that are applicable to strategy over 2014 - 2015 OGI plans to disseminate information and encourage the people to provide their thoughts and feedback on how government is meeting their plans, or not, as is necessary. This will be done yet again in the spi rit of the tenets of an open government that promotes transparency, accountability, participation and collaboration.

Major Goal Five - OGI must enlist with the Open Government Partnership to improve on the efforts of opening government to the nation and employing best practices as necessary.

The Government of Sierra Leone has enacted the Right to Access Information and that provides qualification for Sierra Leone to become eligible for mem bership to the Open Government Partnership, a consortium of countries who have met certain minimum requirements with regard to assessments in four main areas or indicators namely: Fiscal (Budget) Transparency, Access to Information, Asset Disclosure by Pub lic Officials, and Citizen Engagement .

Open government is smarter, more effective and more efficient. The world is changing quickly. Technology is revolutionizing the way citizens interact with their government.

The OGP aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. To achieve these objectives, OGP brings together governments and civil society organizations as true partners. Becoming more open , allows governments to create new ways to engage with citizens and tap their expertise to make better decisions. This allows scarce public resources to be used effectively in these financially constrained times. At minimal cost, governme nts can make large amounts of data available that businesses can then use to extract commercial value.

With the advent of the passing of the right to access information act, OGI commit s to promoting increased access to information and disclosure about gove rnmental activities at every level of government. OGI commit s to increasing our efforts to systematically collect and publish data on government spending 13 and performance for essential public services and activities.

OGI commits to pro - actively provide hi gh - value information, including raw data, in a timely manner, in formats that the public can easily locate, understand and use, and in formats that facilitate reuse.

OGI commits to providing access to effective remedies when information or the correspondi ng records are improperly withheld, including through effective oversight of the recourse process.

OGI recognize s the importance of open standards to promote civil society access to public data, as well as to facilitate the interoperability of government information systems.

OGI commits to seeking feedback from the public to identify the information of greatest value to them, and pledge to take such feedback into account t o the maximum extent possible.

OGI must Support Civic Participation.

OGI value s public participation of all people, equally and without discrimination, in decision making and policy formulation. Public engagement, including the full participation of women, increases the effectiveness of governments, which benefit from people’s knowle dge, ideas and ability to provide oversight.

OGI commits to making policy formulation and decision making more transparent, creating and using channels to solicit public feedback, and deepening public participation in developing, monitoring and evaluating government activities.

OGI commits to protecting the abi lity of not - for - profit and civil society organizations to operate in ways consistent with our commitment to freedom of expression, association, and opinion.

OGI commits to creating mechanisms to enable greater collaboration between governments and civil s ociety organizations and businesses.

OGI will Increase Access to New Technologies for Openness and A ccountability.

New technologies offer opportunities for information sharing, public participation, and collaboration. OGI intend s to harness these technolo gies to make more information public in ways that enable people to both understand what their governments do and to influence decisions.

OGI commits to developing accessible and secure online spaces as platforms for delivering services, engaging the publi c, and sharing information and ideas.

OGI recognize s that equitable and affordable access to technology is a challenge, and commit to seeking increased online and mobile connectivity, while also identifying and promoting the use of alternative mechanisms for civic engagement.

OGI commits to engaging civil society and the business community to identify effective practices and innovative approaches for leveraging new technologies to empower people and promote transparency in government.

OGI also recognize s that increasing access to technology entails support ing the ability of governments and citizens to use it.

OGI commits to supporting and developing the use of technological innovations by government employees and citizens alike. OGI also understand s that technology is a complement, not a substitute, for cl ear, us eable, and useful information.

OGI acknowledge s that open government is a process that requires ongoing and sustained commitment. 14 OGI commits to reporting publicly on actions undertaken to realize these principles, to consulting with the public on their implementation, and to updating our commitments in light of new cha llenges and opportunities.

OGI pledge s to lead by example and contribute to advancing open government in other countries by sharing best practices and expertise and by undertaking t he commitments expressed in this declaration on a non - binding, voluntary basis. Our goal is to foster innovation and spur progress, and not to define standards to be used as a precondition for cooperation or assistance or to rank countries.

OGI stress es t he importance to the promotion of openness of a comprehensive approach and the availability of technical assistance to support capa city - and institution - building.

OGI commits to espouse these principles in our international engagement, and work to foster a global culture of open government that empowers and delivers for citizens, and advances the ideals of open and participatory 21st century government.