To assess the effect of this participatory democracy, serious considerations need to be given to the feedback flow between citizens and government, in which citizen input in policy making is reflected in the government policy decision. When opinions propos ed by citizens through government are not properly reflected whether directly or indirectly, citizens will feel left out of the loop and lose interest in the effectiveness of the policies in question. In this respect, the p roject’s effectiveness sho uld be monitored and evaluated.

The Monitoring and Evaluation of the project will be in accordance with results - based monitoring and evaluation system that will provide the basis for the project assessment.

The objectives of the monitoring evaluation and learni ng system are to:

  • identify major constraints in the program delivery and to ensure corrective action is taken early.
  • provide an effective overall evaluation of program performance .
  • identify key lessons learned and success stories from program implementation that can guide future programming.
  • Provide an effective system to meet the monitoring and evaluation requirement of donors, UNDP S ierra Leone, and the UN system